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Breyer Gideon Is In Stock & On YouTube!

Breyer Gideon 712181

Our Breyer Gideon’s have arrived! Overall, his paint job is just lovely. I had originally questioned whether he was a bay or grulla pinto. In my opinion, he is a bay. He does not have any primitive markings and his mane and tail do not have guard hairs. Gideon was limited to 1,000 pieces.

As I have already ordered the few that I could, I can no longer see his listing on Breyer’s website. For those that have not ordered him yet, is Gideon still showing as available? I’m curious if Breyer will sell out of him within the next few weeks 🙂 And for those of you that did order him, which variation did you receive? The first Gideon that we opened was a lovely dark variation.

For those that would like to see Gideon up close and personal, we made a YouTube video of him being unboxed. You can see Gideon’s video here.

Breyer Gideon 712181 Collector’s Club 2016 Special Run Limited to 1,000 – Smart Chic O’lena



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