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Breyer 2016 Collector’s Club Grab Bags

Breyer 2016 Collector’s Club Grab Bags

Breyer 2016 Collector's Club Grab Bags

Breyer is now offering their 2016 Collector’s Club Grab Bags. You need to have a current 2016 or 2017 Collector’s Club membership to purchase and you have your choice of 1 of 3 bags. There is a limit of 1 bag of each type per order but right now Breyer is running a free shipping promotion so if you really wanted more than one of each, you could just order that bag twice. The Grab Bags are blind and Breyer claims that they have an estimated retail value of $219. They are priced at $135 each (plus shipping once the free shipping promo ends.)

The first year that Breyer offered Grab Bags, they snuck some test and sample Breyers into them at random. These bags were well worth the value. In more recent year, the Grab Bags seem to be filled with left over surplus stock that Breyer can’t get rid of. As the BreyerFest 2016 horses are no longer on Breyer’s website, I anticipate that there will be some BreyerFest horses in the bags as well as some of the models that are retiring at the end of 2016 like the 1732 Cow Family, 1736 Autism Horse, 1722 Flexible and other horses from past years that they couldn’t sell. I also expect that there will be some Classics and perhaps Stablemates or Mini Whinnies. Breyer claims that each Grab Bag will contain 6 items which are a mix from any category and will include some special editions (BreyerFest, cough…)

Breyer 2016 Collector's Club Grab Bags

Here is what Breyer has to say about the 2016 Collector’ Club Grab Bags:

Breyer 2016 Collector’s Club Grab Bags

Limit 1 Each Bag Per Purchase

Available to current, valid 2016/2017 Collector Club members in good standing for a limited time only while supplies last. Exclusive access ends 11:59pm EST, 12/8/16, while supplies last. Grab bags remaining after 11:59pm EST 12/8/16 may be offered for sale by Reeves to non club members/general consumers, at Reeves’ sole discretion. Each bag has a retail value of at least $219! Three blind bags are available containing six items each and are a mix of product from any category and include some special editions! There may be repeats of an item in the three bags depending on what inventory is available. Contents may vary within each grab bag. Limit one (1) each Bag Per Order.

For me, the 2016 Collector’s Club Grab Bags are an easy pass. Sure they’re fun to open and it’s always exciting hearing what is in each bag type when they start arriving in collector’s hands. I know that some won’t be able to resist the fun side of Grab Bags and I will live vicariously through them, hehe.

Will you be purchasing any of the Breyer 2016 Collector’s Club Grab Bags? If so, which one(s)?


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