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Breyer Santana 301155 Bay Pinto Mustang – Tractor Supply Exclusive Special Run


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Breyer Santana 301155

Mold :  Silver

Scale :  Traditional  1:9

Color :  Bay Pinto

Year :  2016 Tractor Supply Company Special Run

Condition :  New In Box

For sale is as Traditional Scale NIB Breyer Santana 301155 – Bay Pinto Mustang. He is the popular Silver mold that was sculpted by Kathleen Moody in a stunning bay tobiano pinto. Santana was a 2016 Tractor Supply Special Run. Please note that Santana has a visible VIN number stamped on his underbelly.

If any breed could be called a truly American breed, it is the American mustang! These smallish, sturdy feral horses of many colors freely roam large tracts of land in the American West. They get their name from the Spanish word ‘mestengo’ which means stray or ownerless.
Mustangs are the descendants of the horses brought to the New World by the Spanish in the 16th century. Over time, horses were captured by Native American tribes who used their access to horses to great advantage. They created breeding programs and developed superior horse management skills. Having horses allowed various tribes like the Sioux, the Kiowa, and the Apaches to improve their nomadic lifestyle where they followed the buffalo – their main food source – on horseback across the Great Plains in seasonal patterns. Other mustangs were captured by cowboys and vaqueros and these mustangs mixed with horses brought to America by colonists and settlers from the 1600s forward.

Today’s American Mustangs are a rich blend of domestic and feral bloodlines. Those mustangs that stayed within certain geographical areas share unique traits and color patterns that are uncommonly beautiful – like the mustangs of the Sand Wash Basin, in Colorado, for example, or the Pryor Mountain mustangs of Montana.

No matter where you find them, nothing stirs the heart or captures the spirit of the American West like the sight of a herd of American Mustangs running free across the plains.

Santana is brand new and sealed in the original box. Please note that I have multiples of this model and you may not receive the exact horse pictured. You will receive a NIB Breyer Santana 301155 – Bay Pinto Mustang. I will check for major flaws but he may have typical factory flaws. I will not guarantee a LSQ model. I cannot guarantee the condition of the offside. The box may have a price sticker and normal wear.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 12 in

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