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Breyer Stablemate Club Django Is Ready To Order!

Breyer 712191 Django

The Breyer Stablemate Club Django is at long last available for order! This horse is the reason that I joined the 2016 Stablemate Club. To say that I love Josine Vingerling’s work would be a huge understatement. In fact, I have an Alborozo with Josine being painted to one of her trademark dapple greys. I’m very excited for this one too! Django is a brand new sculpt by Josine Vingerling. On top of being a top notch painter, she is a talented sculptor. Some of her most popular resin sculpts have been Baroque breeds. Just like Django! Django is a bay pinto Friesian cross. Part of me wishes that Breyer would have just left him black but you won’t hear me complaining.

Who was your favorite 2016 Stablemates Club Horse? Will you be joining the 2017 Stablemates Club?


Breyer 712191 Django


The 6th and final Model in the 2016 Stablemates Collector


Meet Django! Sculpture and decoration design by Josine Vingerling, exclusively for members of the 2016 Breyer Stablemates Collectors Club! This lovely Friesian cross is a beautiful mahogany bay tobiano pinto and will be an exciting new addition to your Stablemates collection.




For those of you wondering, yes, I will have a couple of Django’s available for sale but I have not priced them yet. Please inquire privately aidanstoytrove@gmail.com if interested.


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  1. […] I think the chances of Breyer distributing all 500 Glossy Cosettes with this offer is slim to none. Whether they will distribute the left over Glossy Cosettes in some other manner or only gloss the number ordered is a bit of a mystery. I think that this is a good offer if there is something on Breyer’s website that you have been itching to order. For me, it’s a pass.  I personally own the matte Cosette. If you would like to see more pictures of the matte version (versus Breyer’s stock photos) you can see the matte Cosette’s gallery here. Free is a relative term. Breyer’s Free Shipping offer is now gone. Membership dues to the Collector’s Club, Premier Club, Vintage Club and Stablemate Club do not count towards the $100 minimum order. Nor do any of the models from the aforementioned clubs qualify, ie. Yasmin and Django. […]

  2. […] The only other model produced on this fantastic Friesian mold to date was Django, the Breyer 2016 Premier Club Special Run. Here is a link to my original blog post about Django. […]

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