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Expedited Shipping Upgrade From Breyer $9.95

Breyer Expedited ShippingBreyer is now offering an Expedited Shipping Upgrade on orders of $50 or more for anything ordered from breyerhorses.com. This offer lasts until December 11th at 8pm EST. I just ordered my Yasmin and Django yesterday. Had this offer been available then, I would have been very tempted to upgrade my shipping. I’m very anxious to see these 2 horses in person but I suppose in the end, patience paid off. It saved my $9.95 right? LOL.

On a side note, I do not have Yasmin or Django available for sale. Both of these horses are for me (for a change!)

Breyer Premier Club YASMIN Is Available To Order!

Breyer Stablemate Club Django Is Ready To Order!



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