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We Are Sorry! – Website Shipping Glitch

We are sorry


This weekend was a whirlwind of packing. We shipped 10 boxes out on Saturday and another 17 boxes out on Monday! While processing website orders, we discovered a glitch with how shipping was being calculated for customers. Some domestic zip codes were calculating shipping too high. This was corrected and a partial refund was issued where appropriate.

We use WordPress and WooCommerce to power our website and store. This is very cost effective but is much trickier to configure than some premium shopping platforms like Shopify. We have been struggling to configure shipping to calculate using both the shipping zone and the total weight. We thought we finally had shipping all configured, drat! Regardless, this shipping glitch should be fixed. If you saw a domestic shipping cost that looked far too high, it likely was. Please check the shipping price again. It’s probably much less now.

Thank you for your understanding and thank you as always for your support!


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  1. Hi! I have bought from you before, I keep an eye out to see what both you and Breyer are selling. When I saw you had listed the little Appaloosa foal for sale I was so surprised! You see, that little foal was my very first Breyer horse. I bought it when I was ten years old (1970). I still have him. His name is Apache. He’s missing a lower back leg (cause I did play with him). He will always be with me. Thanks for reading! Kat

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