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Breyer Wish and Wonder – History of the Breyer Christmas Mare and Foal Set

Breyer Wish and Wonder – Christmas Mare and Foal

Breyer Wish and WOnder 712279

A few pictures of a grey Breyer Misty appeared in the Back In the Saddle catalog and some other places. Now, that Misty is officially available for purchase directly from Breyer’s website! She is being released with the Stormy foal in a  set called Breyer Wish and Wonder 712279. A number of collector’s have expressed distaste for the look of the unpainted plastic that Breyer typically uses for white markings. This was an especially big problem with Dundee who’s mapping sometimes looked downright strange alongside the bare plastic. I noted that Emerson, the latest Breyer 2018 Premier Club model that the white markings were painted. The Breyer Wish and Wonder appear to be chalky, meaning that their white is painted on and is not bare plastic. Bravo Breyer! I personally do not collect the Breyer Christmas Mare and Foal sets but I might make an exception for Wish and Wonder. They look really nice! Misty is a lightly dappled grey and Stormy is and adorable sooty buckskin or bay pinto. The chalky white basecoat compliments their fuzzy hair and make me want to hug them!

Breyer Wish and WOnder 712279

The Breyer Wish and Wonder set is available for anyone to purchase on Breyer’s website. You don’t need to be a member of any Breyer’s Clubs. Here is the direct link to Wish and Wonder. The description from Breyer’s website in its entirety reads:


Every child (or child-at-heart) wants a pony for the holidays, and now you can bring home two! With their chalky coats, this delightful mare and foal set will bring joy to collectors of all ages.

Chincoteague Ponies can have many different coat colors and patterns, just like the ones seen on this island-dwelling pair. The windswept mare Wish has a beautifully-shaded dapple-grey coat, and her sweet filly Wonder has a sooty buckskin pinto coat.

This set comes in a festive satin gift bag, making it a beautiful gift to give and receive! One per order.

Ages 8+

The Breyer Wish and Wonder set is priced at $50. Domestic shipping is FREE <gasp>.  Historically, Breyer has offered Free Shipping on the Gambler’s Choice Christmas Decorator but not on the Christmas Mare and Foal Sets.  The Christmas Mare and Foal sets also came with cute winter blankets (including realistic working buckles!) but Wish and Wonder do not have blankets but they do come with a festive cloth bag.

Breyer Wish and WOnder 712279

2014 was the first year that Breyer offered the Christmas Mare and Foal set. The first offering was the Vixen and Blitzen set. Sadly, this set seemed to have a lot of staining from the horses being shipped with the blankets on despite that protective plastic layer (Athos and Kris Kringle anyone?!). They were the Breyer Running Mare and Running Foal molds in matching bay pinto.


Breyer Vixen and Blitzen 711998


The 2015 Christmas Mare and Foal were Eve and Claus. They featured the Breyer Thoroughbred Mare and Nursing Foal molds in strawberry roan.


Breyer Eve and Claus 712165

The 2016 Christmas Mare and Foal were Vixen and Blitzen. The were Breyer Running Mare and Running Foal. The mare was a beautifully shaded dapple grey and the foal was solid grey.


Breyer Crystal and Crispin 712184


I will leave the Christmas Decorators for another blog post but 2 of the decorators are:

Ivy who was released alongside Holly.


Breyer Ivy 712167


Emerald  who was released alongside Amethyst and Sapphire.


Breyer Emerald 712233

Last Shipment Before Thanksgiving & Leah’s Fancy Chick


Hi guys! I’m feeling a bit more relaxed now that I finally finished packing all of the orders shipping out today.


Hubby and Aidan are in Las Vegas so it’s just little old me running the store. Should I be afraid that the boys are alone in Las Vegas?? They went shooting in Indian Springs and hubby is threatening to buy another gun, LOL.

Today I listed a lovely Leah’s Fancy Chick to eBay as a Fixed Price Listing with Best Offer enabled. She was the 2000 BreyerFest Celebration Horse and is still one of my favorite Celebrations Horses to date. But I do have a soft spot of Lady Phase!

Direct link to Leah’s Fancy Chick’s listing on eBay.

We do plan on offering some Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday Specials. The thought of everything that needs to be done still is a bit daunting. But be on a look out for specials both on eBay and on Aidan’s Toy Trove Website Store!

I have a question for you all. The website has been painfully slow from my end. But the internet here in general has also been slow and I fear that my laptop is on its last leg. Are you experiencing excessive load times for our website? I think it may have something to do with the cache plugin that I had to turn off as it crashed the webite, yikes! Thank you in advance for any feedback!




Sneak Peak Video Of My Breyer Collection

Breyer Custom Alborozo Russian Artist

My last video was of the sales shelf on top of my cabinet of personal Breyer horses. I collect custom finish Breyers. Here is 1 shelf of them. None of these are for sale. This is just a sneak peak of my personal collection. I’ll make more videos if there is enough interest.


Breyer Avalanche Wait List Is Drawn!

Breyer Avalance 712179

Hi guys! If you weren’t lucky enough to be drawn for Avalanche, Breyer is drawing their wait list today! This is for the left over Avalanche that weren’t paid for by end of day on November 21st. Collector’s Club members, be sure to check your email for a second chance! And don’t forget to check those spam folders!

My Avalanche is due here on Friday and I’m waiting on pins and needles! The in hand pictures that I have seen of Avalanche look so much nicer than Breyer’s stock photos.

Have You Seen The New Breyer Web Special Run Avalanche

FedEx SmartPost – Color Me Frustrated!

Typically, we only ship USPS Priority Mail because I have had good luck with the quick transit time and we stock a lot of Priority boxes. This year, we decided to offer FedEx SmartPost on a few of the heavier items. I personally hate this service but it is a lot cheaper than Priority Mail so I offered it as a shipping option on:

Breyer Xavier 1771

Xavier Mystical Unicorn

Breyer Woodland Splendor 700119

Woodland Splendor 2016 Holiday Horse

Keep in mind, FedEx SmartPost is only offered in Aidan’s Toy Trove eBay Store as we can’t create FedEx SmartPost labels outside of eBay for website or private sales.

Over the weekend, we had a few of these particular items sell on eBay and I spent a good portion of the morning creating custom boxes for them (as we don’t stock these size boxes for non Priority Mail). FedEx SmartPost packages have to be dropped off at a FedEx location even though they are delivered by the Post Office. I loaded up the car and drove over to the only FedEx drop (which is a small little local mailing place) and guess what?! The mailing store is moving locations and is closed during their move. ARGH! The closest FedEx drop other than this particular store is 90 miles away. I might be able to pay for a FedEx Pickup but I’m not sure as the website says that the pickup option is for FedEx Ground and Express packages and it’s rather costly and is charged by the package. Oh the joys of living in the middle of nowhere!

Soooo…today, I will be stalking our small town’s ONE FedEx Ground driver. I’m crossing my fingers that I can catch him.  I almost never offer FedEx as an option and the one time that I do, this happens. What are the odds??

On the bright side, it’s a nice sunny day! I might just go walk around the neighborhood and catch some Pokemon and hope that I hear the rumble of the FedEx truck!

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