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Meet Calvin – A Breyer 2017 Collector’s Club Gambler’s Choice

Meet Calvin – A Breyer 2017 Collector’s Club Gambler’s Choice

Breyer Calvin 712237

Breyer 2017 Collector’s Club Members are being treated to a special run classics scale Gambler’s Choice model! Last year, Breyer offered Scotty on the Classic Swaps mold who turned out to be wildly popular. This year, Breyer chose the Classic Ariat or Show Stock Horse mold. He is being offered in 3 different color, each of which is limited to 5oo pieces. The colors are all blanket appaloosas and the base colors are:

Breyer Calvin 712237





Breyer Calvin 712237









Breyer Calvin 712237








Metallic Blue Interference


I personally was hoping for another mold sculpted by Maureen love but Calvin is still very cute 🙂 Calvin is priced at $30. Domestic shipping is $10.95. He is limited to one per account. Calvin must be purchased by October 23rd. Scotty sold out fairly quickly and I anticipate that Calvin will also sell out though I doubt as quickly as Scotty sold out. Here is what Breyer has to say about Calvin:

A Breyer Collector Club Exclusive Gambler’s Choice!

The Gambler’s Choice is back! Distinguished by a white spotted blanket, Calvin comes in chestnut, bay, and metallic interference blue! There are 500 of each color, and colors will be randomly selected for you. Each piece is beautifully shaded and makes a lovely Appaloosa. Enjoy the surprise!

Limit one (1) model per Collector Club member, while supplies last. Purchase must be completed by 11:59pm EDT on 10/23/17.

Calvin model is chosen at random (you cannot choose which one you will receive)

*Note: Offer available to valid, current Collector Club members in good standing only, while supplies last. Any remaining models which have not been purchased by Collector Club members may be sold to general consumers on BreyerHorses.com. Calvin is excluded from all discounts, promotional codes, sales, and/or special offers at this time.

I happily ordered my Calvin along with a Goblin. I can’t wait to see them both in person! Which color Calvin is your favorite?

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