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Breyer Kehinde – The Newest Web Special Run

Breyer Kehinde – The Newest Web Special Run

Breyer Kehinde 712255

Kehinde is Breyer’s newest Web Special Run and is product number 712255. He is part of the new Wild Animal Series which is open to a broader range of patterns than the Big Cat Series. Kehinde is based on the Clock Horse or the American Saddlebred Stallion mold sculpted by Kathleen Moody. He is painted to resemble a wild okapi. At first glance, I didn’t particularly care for Kehinde but I’m starting to warm up to him and will be entering for a chance at purchasing him. Kehinde is open to Breyer 2018 Collector’s Club Members who may enter enter the lottery once a day through October 7’th for a chance at purchasing him. Winners will be notified on October 8th.  Kehinde is priced at $175 plus postage. Breyer recently recalculated their shipping costs (as well as their entire website!) and I’m unsure how much shipping will cost. Historically, shipping for the Web Special Runs cost around $17.50 for domestic shipping. Current Breyer 2018 Collector’s Club Members may click this link to see Kehinde’s listing on Breyer’s website. Here is what Breyer has to say about Kehinde:

Our world is home to many fascinating creatures. With landscapes from deserts to rainforests, savannas to mountains, and everything in between, it’s no surprise that the world’s animals are as diverse as the landscape! Our new Wild Animal Series is a celebration of wildlife everywhere.

The first release in Wild Animal Series is Kehinde, and he’s inspired by the enchanting and elusive okapi. Artist Karen Williams designed this piece, and gave him an incredibly realistic coat. Just like the okapi, Kehinde has zebra-like striping on his legs and hindquarters. His richly-shaded coat has a velvety appearance, fading into his dusky face. With his alert appearance and expression, Kehinde truly evokes the look of the okapi! Kehinde has “Wild Animal Series” printed on his belly.

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