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Breyer Scotty Collector’s Club Gambler’s Choice Special Run

Breyer Scotty Collector’s Club Gambler’s Choice Special Run

Breyer Scotty 712231

Breyer Scotty 712231Breyer Scotty 712231In July of 2016, Breyer offered Collector’s Club members their choice of four colors on the Breyer Classics Swaps mold. The colors were inspired by Traditional Scale Breyer horses. They were Jazz Fusion, Fandango, Burbank and Uncalled For. I had the privilege of seeing all of these wonderful colors in person and I couldn’t decide which was my favorite. Happily, Breyer decided to offer THREE different colors by Gambler’s Choice! The three colors are; glossy bay tobiano pinto, glossy silver bay and a matte bay roan blanket appaloosa.

Breyer Scotty 712231

Here is what Breyer has to say about Scotty:

2017 Collector Club Exclusive. Single model only; color chosen at random.

Breyer Collector Club members had the opportunity in July 2016 to view four gorgeous colors and pick their favorite!ย  The four colors were inspired by the popular Traditional models Jazz Fusion, Fandango, Burbank and Uncalled For.ย  Three colors were so closely tied, and the fourth also so close behind that we decided to make the top three available in a gambler’s choice!

The three colors for Scotty include glossy dark bay tobiano, glossy silver bay with chrome and a lovely bay roan blanket appaloosa in matte finish.ย  Each is a stunning and beautiful piece! But which one will you get?

Limit one (1) model per Collector Club member, while supplies last.

Scotty model is chosen at random (you cannot choose which one you will receive)

Scotty is numberย  712231 and is available to 2017 Collector’s Club Members. His price is $30 plus $10.95 domestic shipping. There is a limit of 1 Scotty per Collector’s Club Member. I can’t wait to see which colors we receive. What is your favorite color?

If you are a Collector’s Club Member and aren’t interested in purchasing Scotty, I will gladly purchase your slot from you. This is a mold that I LOVE (get it?!) and collect ๐Ÿ™‚ Please email me at aidanstoytrove@gmail.com.


9 Responses to Breyer Scotty Collector’s Club Gambler’s Choice Special Run

  1. I am a collector club member, but when I click on the horse, it says item unavalible. Do you know why?

  2. Melinda J Arnold

    I am having the same problem. I really want to order Scotty, but it won’t let me. Any idea why?

  3. Melinda J Arnold

    Just ordered Scotty!! Can’t wait to see which one I get!

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  5. Lauren Crutchfield

    scotty is out of stock it seems like. Does that mean that I will never be able to purchase one of these beautiful horses from breyer. If I can purchase one please let me know asap please. I really want to purcchase one of these pretty horses

  6. It still says unavailable. I’m guessing he’s just out of stock, but when will he be back in? I hope I can get a matte version!

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