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Come See Our Booth During BreyerWest at the 2019 Northwest Horse Fair and Expo

Come See Our Booth During BreyerWest at the 2019 Northwest Horse Fair and Expo

2019 Northwest Horse Fair and Expo

We will have a booth in the Willamette building at BreyerWest (the first building on the right when you enter) and will have HUNDREDS of Breyers and related merchandise spanning 3 booths. We will be setup to take cash or credit. We will be offering a cash discount. We won’t be at the swap meet or room sales. We will be open to purchasing large groups of Breyer and Peter Stone Horses, please email us at aidanstoytrove@gmail.com if you have a bulk lot or collection to sell. We will also have a fun selection of Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty, Squishies, Unicorn: plushies, slap bracelets, slime and everything unicorn, dinosaurs, cars, Lego minifigures, stress & fidget toys, musical jewelry boxes and more!

BreyerWest is held at the Northwest Horse Fair and Expo in Albany, Oregon on March 22nd – 24th 2019

BreyerWest 2019



This is a small sampling of what we will be bringing:

– 2019 NIB Breyers: Cascade & Caspian, Catch Me, Best of British Foal Set, Truly Unsurpassed, Protocol Gift Set, Dominante, Enzo, Thunder, Cloud’s Legend Set, Cupcake, Malik, Paint & Play Unicorns

-Other current run NIB Breyers: Lil Ricky Rocker, Xavier, Valegro, Secretariat, Justify and more

-Retired Porcelain Horses (if you have a specific want, please let me know)

-Stablemate Blind Bags including Spirit, Unicorn & Mystery Surprise (Mystery Surprise Foal boxed sets as well)

-BreyerFest 2017 & 2018 Single Day Stablemates

-Breyer Mini Whinnies & Pocket Animals

-Collecta Horses

-Recently and long discontinued NIB Breyers some include: Illuminati, Rhapsody In Black, Zena, American Pharoah, Celestine, Sugarmaple, many older NIB

-Breyer Stablemate Club Horses many NIB

-Hundreds of loose Breyer in all sizes in all conditions

-Simple Breyer Customs Shelf Quality to LSQ (nothing high dollar unless requested)

-Breyer Barns, Dolls, Tack & Accessories new and used

-Older Breyer dealer catalogs

-Breyer Pony Pouches

-Retro Style My Little Ponies


Here is what we WON’T be bringing but can upon request:

*Free delivery of any model purchased privately or on the website*

-Breyer raffle model Truffles

-Breyer Glossy Banks Vanilla, Glossy Totilas, Glossy Grullo Pinto Ethereal, Glossy Gypsy Vanner, Glossy BHR Bryant’s Jake, Glossy Hickory Hills Wall Street

-Breyer Vintage: Glossy Grey Appaloosa PAF, Glossy Alabaster PAM Night Light, Glossy Alabaster PAM, Glossy Honey Bay PAM, Alabaster Indian Pony, Glossy 4 Eyed Misty

-Breyer Glossy Grulla 1730 Anniversary AQHA

-Breyer Gettysburg, Rialto, Acadia, Juniper, Eldora & Sol, Hawthorn, Murphy, Charlie, Ivy

-Breyer Premier Club: Duende, Croi Damsha (possibly other PCs please send wants)

-Breyer YHS Phar Laps

-BreyerFest NIB Nazruddin, Imperador, Brass Hat, Old Ironsides, Icabad Crane, Lonesome Glory, Glossy Foiled Again, Dali and Spanky, Diablo DC

-BreyerFest Diwali, Haute Couture

-BreyerFest Stablemate Anniversary Commemorative Set NIB

-Breyer NIB Blossoms complete set

-Breyer Fruitcake Fillies all colors

-Breyer Customs from our personal collection. Some are located in NJ and cannot be brought but others can be

-Unpainted Resin Fritz & Orinocco

-Unpainted Cube Equine & Feral Mare Medallions by Sarah Minkiewicz

-Nikon 3200 SLR Camera with extras

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