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Finn the Breyer 2018 Stablemate Club Gambler’s Choice Mule


Finn the Breyer 2018 Stablemate Club Gambler’s Choice Mule

Breyer Finn 712249

The Breyer Stablemate Club began in 2016. Each year features a Gambler’s Choice Special Run. 4 different colors on the same Stablemate mold are offered once per year, these are referred to as Gambler’s Choice models as the color you receive is random. The Breyer 2016 Stablemate Club featured Diesel, tbe G4 Reiner. Diesel was offered in Glossy Grulla, Glossy Bay Appaloosa, Dun and Wedgewood. At the time, we had 4 separate Stablemate Club Memberships and were thrilled to receive 1 of each color (unlike the Bouncer Christmas Pony, eek!)

The Breyer 2017 Stablemate Club featured Fylkir, the Icelandic Pony. Fylkir was offered in Glossy Silver Black, Bay Splash Pinto, Dunalino and Bay Roan Appaloosa.  I had my heart set on the Glossy Silver Black but received a Bay Splash Pinto (trade anyone??)

For 2018, Breyer offered Finn on the mischievous mule mold. Finn is offered in Grey Grulla Pinto, Dun Appaloosa, Glossy Sorrel and a Rainbow Pinto. Finn is the model many were waiting for and at long last, he is now available for Breyer 2018 Stablemate Club Members to purchase. The total cost of Finn shipped to any US address is $25.95. Here is the pricing breakdown:

Cost of model: $15

Credit Applied For Club Deposit: $5

US Shipping: $5.95

I love  my Breyer Prism and I’m hoping for the Glossy Rainbow color on Finn as well!

Breyer Finn 712249

Finn must be paid for by 10/22/18 (for procrastinators like me!)

Breyer 2018 Stablemate Club Members can access Finn’s page directly using this link. Here is what Breyer says about Finn:

Meet Finn! He is offered as a gambler’s choice, as four exciting colorways grace this delightful mule. You will randomly receive one of the following: A shaded grey grulla pinto with a matte finish, a shaded dun appaloosa with matte finish, a shaded chestnut with a high gloss finish, or a shaded rainbow pinto decorator with a high gloss finish. Finn comes in a miniature Traditional-style window box.

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