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COVID-19 Retail Store to Online Store Hiccups


Due to COVID-19, our retail store has been closed to walk in customers for over 2 weeks now. School in California has been cancelled for the rest of the academic year and Aidan is home all day. As a family, we’re finally beginning to settle into quarantine. We have been playing lots of board games! We built the retail store’s online website in a matter of days and we’re finally beginning to work out the kinks. We use Square in our retail store and implemented the integrated Weebly online store. To say that it is rough around the edges is a huge understatement. Weebly has been implementing changes almost faster than we can make them. I quickly discovered just how slow and unstable the online store can be and I apologize profusely for this. If it isn’t working for you, please try again in later. I’m hoping that the performance will improve over time. From a personal perspective, I’d like to throw Weebly off a cliff but for now it’s working and that’s all that matters.

When we first built the online store, Delivery wasn’t an option. Now, Delivery is an option but we can’t turn off the Pick Up option. Oi! For now, we are offering Free Local Delivery only. No shipping and no pickups but we hope to expand on this. Deliveries are being made on Friday and Saturday after 4:00pm and we will deliver within a 20 mile radius. We appreciate all of those that have offered to pick up their purchases in person to save us the drive but honestly, at this point, delivery is the easiest option for us. If you need something sooner than Friday, please don’t hesitate to message us and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Another issue that we have been dealing with for the past week is the inability for the online store to import categories of any sort. We have slowly been adding categories and populating them but this is very much a work in progress. There is a search function at the top of the website, and while not perfect, we recommend trying it if you don’t see the item that you are looking for within a category. Up until now, we were using Square exclusively for our retail store. When our inventory migrated from Square to the online store, there were no item descriptions and many of the Point of Sale photos were far from pretty. Descriptions and updated pictures are also still being added. Lastly, any item without a photo is not visible in the online store. If you remember us having something and don’t see it, please ask! It’s quite likely that it is in stock but lacking a picture.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of our wonderful customers that have purchased from us during these unprecedented times. Stay safe everyone and please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help in any way.

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  1. Hang in there, guys!

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