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Where’s Aidan?


This is what my living room looked like yesterday.  We have quickly discovered that space in this 1,200 square foot house is an erm, problem.   I’m fairly certain that I could lose Aidan in the chaos if he would ever stop talking =D  The shelf on the left wall is new.  There is one above it too.   I have been using those shelves to store horses that are currently at auction. The Breyer Clydesdales on the shelf with the sad case of Toilet Paper Head syndrome are sold and waiting to be shipped with some additional purchases 🙂   Everything else that is ready for sale is packed away in Rubbermaid bins that have packing lists taped to the sides.  Or at least, that’s the idea.  The little table by the sliding door is also new and holds my photo tent and lights and stray horses…  The photo tent used to be on top of the Rubbermaids that are now tucked beneath the table.  It’s so very nice to not have to kneel down to take pictures!   If you can spot the camera tripod in the chaos, that was my Birthday present =D  My little shipping scale is on top of the heater to the right of the table.  The bird to the right of that just wants all this ‘stuff’ to go away!  The garbage bag on the right is full of bubblewrap and there is another next to it bursting with packing popcorn.  And, oh, I found Aidan!!!

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