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Fun Pictures

Boy, it’s been another great weekend for sales.  Thank you!  We just finished packing 16 boxes and I still need to put together some larger orders to calculate combined shipping 🙂  I’m always happy to give a discount on shipping for orders that can be shipped in the same box, hint hint!  I’m too tired to write up a blog post tonight but I will leave you with some fun pictures!

Hubby was pretty proud of his “custom packing”.  What a funny guy eh?


I’ve been asked how many Skylanders we have.  I um, don’t know?  Here  is the content of 1 Skylander bin.  We have about 4 bins full.  It’s a mountain of Skylanders!


I have also been asked for pictures of my personal Breyer collection.  Out of the 6 cabinets that we have, my collection is housed in only 1 of them.  Bonus points if you can name any of the horses =D  Hint, they’re all customs.


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