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The NAMHSA Auction Is Back With a Test Color Cody!

It has been several years since NAN held a Live Auction. But 2016 is bringing the NAN Auction back! NAN itself will be held  before Breyer Fest on July 19th – 21st. Here is the link to NAMHSA Website ifNAN 2016 Test Cody you need more information about the show itself. NAN entries are closed but there is still plenty of information posted. Here is the link to NAMHSA Facebook Page. Thursday, July 21st will be the live NAN auction! It will be held from 6-8:00pm in the conference space of the Clarion aka CHIN. To date, only one of the auction lots has been posted but the NAMHSA website says that the other Auction Lots will be posted soon. The Auction Lot that was revealed is Breyer’s donation test color! He is the Cody mold in a very dashing buckskin or bay blanket appaloosa.





I was a little surprised to see him after the first Collector’s Club Test Color Raffle Cody but they are quite different in color.

Exclusive Test Piece Lottery For Breyer Collector’s Club Members!

Perhaps Cody is making a come back =D I can’t wait to see what other NAN auction lots will be offered. I’m hoping as well as not hoping that there will be a custom Breyer for me to bid on. Custom Breyers are my passion by my wallet would undoubtedly object.





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