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What Did You Say?!

Conversations around my house often go something like this:

“Can you df.sdfds..?”


“I said can you asdf.fadsf?!”

“What?  I can’t hear you!”



Between the three of us, we mumble a lot.  And while he won’t admit it, Aidan has maxed his skill in selective hearing.  Where am I going with this?  Well…  I have been receiving a discouraging number of broken Breyers in the mail.  The most recent was a beautiful high dollar custom that arrived directly from the artist with a broken tail.  This one really had me bummed.  I shipped him back to the artist yesterday to have her work her magic.  This morning I woke up and eyed my increasingly large number of ‘needs fixed’ Breyers on the shelves.  I pulled out a few with broken ears and some super glue and some baking soda and my dremel…  Do you see where I’m going with this =D  When I was done, the horses had five new ear tips.  Sort of… At least they did for a few minutes.  Feeling rather pleased with myself, I rinsed them off in the sink and set them out to dry.  I turned my back and one of the Hallas promptly took a flying leap off the counter, hit the kitchen floor and broke her ear.  Sigh.  Here are the five badly behaving Breyers after I fixed them.  One of the Hallas is fashioning her newly chipped chipped ear!


And here is a better picture of one of the ears.


I will be the first to admit that I am absolutely no expert in repairing Breyers.  I travel and show with my custom finish Breyer horses quite a bit and this has resulted in a number of breaks and dings.  The horses with breaks have always been sent out to be professionally restored.  The most I have done is touch up a small ear rub or something similarly minor.  Buying Breyer collections in bulk has supplied me with a nice assortment of cheaper Breyers to practice restoring.  I’m looking forward to spending some time doing this without the fear of ruining one of my show horses.

Hopefully, these five Breyers will soon have their hearing restored.  And just because he’s cute, I present to you Jemez Hallelujah.  He is a custom Breyer Stormy by Lynn Fraley and he can hear you just fine 🙂


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  1. I have restored several of my own private collection including missing legs, tails and broken parts. It is a challenge to artistic skills and talent to match what Breyer originally pressed out but, very rewarding in the finished product. I do not sell or show my models but, have been collecting some for over 50 years. Breyer has really changed its models styles over the years some not for the better. Many of them are the same mold just different paint jobs – Oi Vey.

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