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Fun Pictures

Boy, it’s been another great weekend for sales.  Thank you!  We just finished packing 16 boxes and I still need to put together some larger orders to calculate combined shipping 🙂  I’m always happy to give a discount on shipping for orders that can be shipped in the same box, hint hint!  I’m too tired to write up a blog post tonight but I will leave you with some fun pictures!

Hubby was pretty proud of his “custom packing”.  What a funny guy eh?


I’ve been asked how many Skylanders we have.  I um, don’t know?  Here  is the content of 1 Skylander bin.  We have about 4 bins full.  It’s a mountain of Skylanders!


I have also been asked for pictures of my personal Breyer collection.  Out of the 6 cabinets that we have, my collection is housed in only 1 of them.  Bonus points if you can name any of the horses =D  Hint, they’re all customs.


The Power Of PowerSeller

Ever wonder what the power of a PowerSeller is on Ebay?  This elusive power is known only to a select group of Ebay sellers.  These particular sellers pay Ebay enormous amounts of money in fees.  Since the start of Aidan’s Toy Trove last November, I have fed Ebay several hundred dollars to sell my merchandise.  After factoring in Paypal fees, I estimate this number to be closer to a grand (yes, that’s $1000!)  I squealed in delight when I saw my Bronze PowerSeller icon magically appear in my Ebay profile today.

It has been a busy 90 days and in an odd way, I’m pretty darn proud.  So what do I get in return for all my hours of hard work?  I’m prepared to share the secret behind the coveted Powerseller badge.  Are you ready?  It is…absolutely…nothing.  Lol.  No really, I couldn’t find any benefit to being a PowerSeller.  My end goal is to be a Top Rated Seller which will give me a reduction in fees and PowerSeller is just a stepping stone to that.  So anticlimactic, sigh.  I guess I’ll just have to step up the speed of my listing, packing and shipping!  Please help me keep feeding that monster that is Ebay.  Treat yourself to an adorable Breyer Icicle Pony!


Or if Skylanders are more your thing, how about a rare variant Skylanders  Granite Crusher?


Ooo Pretty Shiny Metallic Purple!

I purchased a lovely collection of Skylander off Ebay and they arrived today.  In it was this pretty Skylanders Giants Metallic Purple Lightning Rod variant. 


Gosh, I wish I could keep him!  Alas he needs to go quickly before he takes up permanent residence here.  There were a lot of nice Skylanders in this lot including a set of the mini sidekick giants, a Gold Flameslinger and a set of Legendary Skylanders.  I am working on listing many of these Skylanders.  Do keep an eye for them in my Ebay Store.  Lots of good stuff here, stuff that I don’t need to keep =p


A La Amazon

I’m afraid that there isn’t much news to report.  I have begun to list some of Aidan’s Toy Trove inventory to Amazon.  You can find our Amazon Storefront here

As of today, our Amazon inventory is limited to Breyer Horses and accessories.  I do plan to also  list a number of New In Package Skylanders as well.  I have some awesome new rare Skylander Hot Dogs en route and will be listing them to our Amazon store but until those arrive, we are limited to the 1 in our Ebay store.  This is a hard one to get a hold of, be sure to check Hot Dog out!