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Farewell BreyerFest 2017

Farewell BreyerFest 2017

Dallas Fort Worth Texas

We pulled an all nighter to get everything packed up and ready to bring home. We ended up shipping 3 boxes home, bought a second suitcase for me to fly home and squished the rest into the rental van. I had a 6am flight out of Lexington and I left for the airport with all of the boxes pretty much packed and ready to go. I was so exhausted that I fell asleep before the plane took off and I feel like I was teleported to Dallas Fort Worth airport where I am currently waiting for my connecting flight to Portland International Airport. From there I will catch a small hopper plane and fly the rest of the way to Crescent City. Both of my layovers are rather extended. So while it is rather boring sitting around the airport, I have a pretty good chance of making all of my flight connections (unlike last year…)!

I’m anxious to check on our elder cat who has a plentiful array of health problems. I’m not looking forward to cleaning up the mess that the cats have surely made in our absence but if skinny cat is still shuffling around I will be a super happy camper!

BreyerFest 2017 Custom Breyer Steampunk Horses by Elayne Watrus

We had a fantastic time at BreyerFest 2017. I wish that we had arrived earlier but live and learn, we will be there earlier next year 😊 We got a very late start at setting up room sales. Thank you to all that came by and introduced yourselves. That was so exciting!

We are all rather exhausted but will be slowly ramping back up to our normal shipping volume and more importantly consistent retail hours.

Aidan Sleeping On Couch at BreyerFest 2017

We were able to pickup all of the BreyerFest Presales and the Mid Year Releases are in stock and waiting to ship out to customers. I will start shipping the Mid Year Releases this week and we will start shipping the BreyerFest orders on Monday, July 24th. The vast majority of the BreyerFest horses are in minivan and won’t be back in California until Friday.

Safe travels everyone!

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