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Early Black Friday For Breyer Collector’s Club Members!

Breyer Early Black Friday

The much anticipated and much dreaded Breyer Black Friday sale is back! Breyer Collector’s Club  Members get early access. To see the Black Friday Sale, make sure you are signed into your Breyer Account with an active membership. An active membership for 2016 or 2017 should work. Then click Collector’s Club on the top left. The first banner at the top will be for the Black Friday sale. Click the banner and you can see the goodies 🙂

In the past, Breyer’s Black Friday sale has been plagued with problems. They have oversold on multiple items and collector’s swarming to purchase great deals have even brought down the website. Hopefully this year goes more smoothly! If you decide to take the plunge, don’t forget to add your CLUBPLUS16 or CLUBPLUS17 discount code at checkout!

I anticipate that Breyer will keep adding new horses to the sale so do keep checking the website. This morning I only saw 2 horses that I was interest in:

Breyer Bravo 712145Breyer Charlie 712137Breyer Black Friday Sneak Peak

The Vintage Club Stablemate Bravo who was already sold out for the price of $19.95.

And the

Vintage Club Charlie who is priced at $145.

But buyer beware, it looks like Breyer has raised their shipping cost.


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