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Rain Rain Go Away & Another Website Shipping Overhaul!

Breyer Xavier 1771Breyer NIB 1757 Xavier $63.95

It’s raining outside. In fact, it’s pouring rain and the thunder is coming and going. Aidan and hubby are gone until Thanksgiving. The cats are terrified of thunderstorms and are all hiding. The house feels quite empty!



On a model horse related note, we once again overhauled the shipping on the website. I can’t believe how hard it has been to offer anything but flat rate. Calculated and combined shipping requires expensive WordPress Plugins and while our website is still just getting off the ground, we’re trying to keep things cost effective for us and our customers! I believe we have finally conquered this and the website now offers shipping rates based on your location and the total weight of the items ordered. Hurray!

This applies to both domestic and International shipping. Canada has a significant discount from the rest of the world but other countries have the same shipping rate as it is very similar in cost. However, because of the post office’s pricing structure, International buyers likely won’t see much, if any of a rate decrease until the order hits 5 pounds. I apologize to our International buyers (and we have a lot!) but this is how USPS ended up restructuring their rates. And yes, it stinks.

We also discounted a lot of our 2016 Breyer line. We need to  clear some space for yet another Breyer order that is due here on Tuesday. As I’ll be the only one home, I’m dreading wrestling with a pallet of ponies in the rain. But perhaps mother nature will cooperate and give me time to unload the Breyer boxes without drenching the horses and me? Please please? The Breyer Categories are slated to be restructured but you can see all of our Breyer Website Offerings here:


Thanks everyone, I hope you are staying warm and dry!




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