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Breyer 1472 Kripton Seni II to eBay & the Real PRE Horse!

Baya preparing for her new home

I love spanish horses. I have an Andalusian Mare of my own that is currently away on lease. Baya has been gone a few months now and I’m really starting to miss her but I know she is being well cared for and doted upon every day πŸ™‚ In the spring, she will be bred to a Friesian stud for a Warlander foal. Ironically, it seems like only model horse people know what a Warlander is!

Breyer Custom Alborozo Russian ArtistEstella Resin Painted by Stephanie MichaudI have an obsession with the Breyer Alborozo mold. An Andalusian that was sculpted by Brigitte Eberl, how can it get any better than that? And then Breyer destroys the mold after a single run! Sniff. But I’ll tell you a secret, I have my own stash of 6 Alborozos waiting for a special artist to paint them. I have 2 very exciting Alborozo commissions being worked on right now. One by Carol Williams and one by Josine Vingerling! These are holy grail horses to me.

The resin on the right is Brigitte Eberl’s Estella resin that was painted by Stephanie Michaud. I no longer own her but I still love her!

Breyer 1472 Kripton Seni II

Today, I listed a Breyer NIB 1472 Kripton Seni II to eBay. I had a hard time listing this guy for sale. I really wanted to keep him! But I don’t *need* him so he is looking for a new home. He is listed as a fixed price listing with the Best Offer option enabled. However, if he doesn’t sell, I’ll happily keep him. Don’t you think he would look good on my shelf?! Here is the link to his eBay listing:

Breyer NIB 1472 Kripton Senii II on eBay

For those unfamiliar with the real Kripton Seni II. He is a truly amazing Pura Raza Espanola (PRE) Stallion. You can see the real horses website here:


Hmmm…perhaps he would make a lovely stud for Baya’s next breeding?!

Breyer provides this information about Kripton Seni II:

2009 United States Equestrian Federation Horse of Honor

Champion Andalusian Stallion and Finalist for the 2009 USEF Horse of the Year!Β  With their lofty gaits and regal head carriage framed by a billowing mane and tail, the breath-taking Pura Raza EspaΓ±ola (PRE) horse also known as the Andalusian, has captured the hearts and imaginations of generations of horse lovers throughout the world. Mighty, magnificent and an outstanding athlete, Andalusian stallion Kripton-Seni II embodies all the stellar characteristics of his breed and then some! Since he was imported from Spain in 2004 by Californians Joe and Nancy Latta, Kripton- Seni II has won 12 national championships and eight national reserve championships. He has also won 14 regional championships and four regional reserve championships. In 2009, he was a United States Equestrian Federation Horse of Honor and was one of five USEF finalists for Horse of the Year. In 2008, the show committee of the International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association named him Horse of the Year. Those honors reflect the versatility of this 16.3-hand bay. Kripton has been victorious in Halter, Hunt Seat Pleasure, Western Pleasure and in Dressage Suitability and Hack with the Latta family members as well as their trainer Sandy Shields. Kripton also performs out of the show ring. He’s participated in California’s Fiesta of the Spanish Horse and has joined the marchers in the Tournament of the Roses parade where he carried Shields with grace and aplomb. And, while he is every bit the show ring superstar, he has an even more important role for the Lattas beloved family member! Nancy said they think of Kripton as the eighth wonder of the world! According to the IALHA, the breed can be traced back 25,000 years to the early Iberian Peninsula. Since then, Andalusian horses have changed very little from their forbearers who were the mounts of warriors and royalty. No wonder Nancy says she feels like a queen when she rides Kripton-Seni II!










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