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Breyer Premier Club Geronimo Available To Order

Breyer Premier Club Geronimo

This first Breyer Premier Club horse of 2016 is available to order! The Breyer Premier Club Geronimo is a brand new sculpt by Mooning Piglet Studios and is catchy grullo pinto designed by Melanie Miller of Chinook Studios. Despite his beautiful artistry, I don’t think that I will be keeping Geronimo for my personal collection. I anticipate having him listed on the website soon. He is priced at $220ppd in the US. Please feel free to email me at aidanstoytrove@gmail.com if you are interested in purchasing.


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Breyer describes Geronimo as:

Geronimo is the first release in the 2016 Premier Collection of new sculptures featuring exquisite hand-painted decoration and he sets the bar for the exciting and creative artistry you’ll be enjoying all year long!

Geronimo was brought to life by the same talented sculptor of Breyer’s popular Lonesome Glory and Spirit models! While Geronimo is standing, this stallion’s sense of purpose and pride is felt by all who behold him. Is he scanning the horizon, surveying the trail for dangers ahead? Preparing to enter the show arena and dazzle the judges? Only you can decide!

Decorated by the skilled hands of artist Melanie Miller of Chinook Studios, who is much-praised for her amazing work bringing a model horse to life with her paint brush, Geronimo’s coat doesn’t disappoint! Melanie’s expertise with creating lifelike Paint and Pinto color patterns, coupled with her years of experience in the hobby and as a horsewoman produced the unique and realistic grullo pinto coat for Geronimo that you see today!


One of Breyer’s earlier articles on Geronimo provided a bit more in depth information about Geronimo’s creation.


The New Year is a few days away and we can’t wait for the new 2016 Premier Club Collection. These brand new sculptures take months to create and even longer to tool, and the artistry involved in every step of the way is something we’re very proud of! We’re so excited about Geronimo, the first 2016 release that we decided to share this model’s inspiration right away! Enjoy!

This beautiful new sculpture was created in the one and only Mooning Piglet Studio, by one of our favorite sculptors! (Due to her other contractual obligations, we can only refer to her studio name. She is the sculptor of some of Breyer’s most popular pieces: Lonesome Glory and Spirit!) After discussing the new stock horse sculpt, we couldn’t wait to see it come to life! While mustangs and draft breeds are some of this artist’s favorite breeds to sculpt, she enjoys working on just about every breed of horse, as well as a vast array of other animals and birds. “This model was fun because it was based on the athletic and versatile type of Quarter Horse. These are the ones I like,” she said. Working with a variety of reference images from today and yesterday including the great “Lady Bug’s Moon,” the model came together: fit, proud and balanced – a horse you’d love to own in real life!

The enthusiasm continued through Melanie’s work as well. “I love this horse; I knew right away that I wanted to do some sort of pinto design,” said Melanie Miller, who created the model’s coat color. Geronimo’s frame pattern stemmed from the idea of a medicine hat, suggested by Breyer’s Stephanie Macejko. Melanie wanted a pattern that would be bold and flashy: “originally I was looking up references for a tobiano based pattern, but when I decided the base color would be Grullo, I realized he should be frame instead, to better show off his color,” said Melanie.


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