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Breyer Kohana – First 2018 Stablemate Club Horse

Breyer Kohana – First 2018 Stablemate Club Horse

Breyer Kohana 712145

Kohana, the first release in the Breyer 2018 Stablemate Club was released earlier this month. I just now got around to purchasing my personal (and only) copy. He is the Breyer Stablemate G3 Mustang mold with sculpted on feathers in his mane. He is a beautiful bay roan pinto with yellow and red ribbons.

Breyer Kohana 712145


He comes packaged in a minature Breyer box which I will be sure to take pictures of when he arrives. Kohana’s color was designed by Franceyn Dare. I am a big  fan of Franceyn’s work and I own a number of Breyer Custom Horses which were made by her. For fun, here are 2 of my customs by Franceyn:

Kohana’s cost from Breyer is $15 (plus a $5 credit from the membership fee.) Domestic shipping is $5.95 which brings the total cost to $25.95. If you are a Breyer Stablemate Club Member and haven’t ordered your Kohana yet, you have until February 28th. For members, her is the link to Kohana. This is what Breyer has to say about Kohana:

The First Release in the 2018 Stablemates Club

The American Indian name “Kohana” means swift, and this mustang certainly looks like he’s living up to his name! Designed by Franceyn Dare, Kohana has a flashy bay roan pinto coat that’s enhanced by mapped markings. Exclusively designed for 2018 Club members, he also has a new feature never before seen on this mold: beautifully-detailed molded feathers adorning his mane! Kohana comes in a miniature Traditional-style window box.

Complete your order by 11:59pm EST on 2/28/18


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