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Dead Heat – BreyerFest 2018 Special Run

Dead Heat – BreyerFest 2018 Special Run

Breyer Dead Heat 711286 BreyerFest 2018 Special Run


Dead Heat is a BreyerFest 2018 Special Run, presumably a Tent Special  Run. Of note, the Breyer Tent location will be moved away from the Breyer Store this year. I’m curious to see what the configuration will look like! Dead Heat is the Ruffian mold in a pretty chestnut blanket appaloosa. Dead Heat is the term used when 2 competitors finish a race at the exact same moment. I really like the color on this one but I’m not sure what to think about the appaloosa coloring going along with the Off to the Races BreyerFest theme. I haven’t heard of an appaloosa colored Thoroughbred but I know that there are pintos and other fun colors! That might be a fun little something to research during some down time 🙂

Dead Heat appears to have the longer tail unlilke the shortened tail of the Breyer 1757 American Pharoah.

Breyer American Pharoah 1757

Prior releases on the Ruffian mold also had the longer tail. American Pharoah was the first on the mold to have the shortened tail.

Breyer Ruffian 597

Breyer 597 Ruffian

Breyer 715505 Black Caviar

And just for fun, here is one of the lovely Custom Breyer Ruffians that passed through here:

Breyer Custom Ruffian Unknown Artist

And here is a Custom Breyer Steampunk Ruffian by Elayne Watrus:

Breyer Custom Steampunk Ruffian by Elayne Watrus

And speaking of racehorses, we have the lovely Breyer 2018 California Chrome in stock and available for immediate shipment 🙂

Breyer California Chrome 1792

Breyer 1792 California Chrome

Here is what the BreyerFest 2018 Blog has to say about Dead Heat:

Dead Heat is on Susan Carlton Sifton’s Ruffian mold, #597, and has been painted a bright, rich chestnut snowcap blanket appaloosa and is sure to dazzle on your shelf!

Dead Heat is the second in our BreyerFest Off to the Races Special Run line-up and was named after that rare moment in racing when two or more competitors finish a race exactly evenly.

Keep an eye on the BreyerFest blog as we continue the countdown to BreyerFest with a lot more models!

Breyer Dead Heat 711286 BreyerFest 2018 Special Run



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