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Breyer Custom Classic Terrang by Stephanie Blaylock on eBay

I listed a Breyer Custom Terrang painted by Stephanie Blaylock to eBay. He has a bid and will sell. The auction ends Monday April 18th at 6:30PM PST.

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There are a lot more pictures of this beautiful horse in the auction. I encourage you to take a look even if you aren’t interested in bidding. Stephanie paints some truly stunning horses 🙂

Charolette Donahue prepped the Breyer Classic Terrang mold to perfection. Breyer leased the Terrang mold from Hagen Renaker and many of the details were lost when the new mold was made. Charlotte skillfully sculpted back many of these intricate details and removed all of the seams and molding imperfections. Stephanie Blaylock pastelled him to a soft buckskin with a dorsal stripe and a white apron face. He has wonderful shading and his coat looks touchably soft. He has soulful blue eyes with a hint of brown, hairs drawn into his mane and tail to give them added texture and detailed hooves. He was completed in 2015 and is unshown. He is signed on the bottom of his right hind hoof. I purchased him for my personal show string but at this point in time, I would rather my herd shrink than grow. He is in the same pristine condition that i received him from Stephanie in. I personally feel that this horse is top LSQ and is capable of competing at NAN and at the highest levels. Take him to BreyerFest before I do!


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