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Acadia, Scotty and Our Storefront News!

Acadia, Scotty and Our Storefront News!

Breyer Acadia 712223 America the Beautiful Series

If you haven’t received an email from Breyer about the Web Special Run Acadia don’t despair! To my knowledge, the winners have not yet been notified. Breyer’s tardiness on announcing the winners is a bit odd but not unprecedented. However, I do think that this marks a new record as far as the length of time that it has taken for Breyer to notify the winners. I find this rather ironic as Acadia seems to have been wildly popular among collector’s. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has constantly been refreshing their Breyer Collector’s Club page to see if Acadia pops up! Rumors are flying now as to why the Acadia winners have not been notified. Some say that the a sick Breyer employee’s absence is the cause and others speak of technical website woes (not that Breyer would ever have website problems, ha!) But now that I’m writing this blog post, Breyer is sure to announce Acadia’s winners. You can thank me later =D

Breyer Scotty 712231 Flawed

On the Breyer 2017 Collector’s Club Scotty news front, many have heard of mold flaws on this now rather aged Swaps mold. The most widespread flaw seems to be that part of his left ear is either missing or blunted. This ranges from having a rounded top of the ear to literally having half of an ear. Sadly, I received an otherwise lovely Breyer Scotty in glossy bay pinto with pretty half of an ear. I contacted Breyer the day after I received him about exchanging. As Breyer shipped using UPS SurePost, it took 10 days in transit for Scotty to arrive in California. I provided Breyer with all of the pertinent info and waited for a return shipping label. Then I contacted them again and waited, and emailed again and waited and again… I used various email addresses both as a sender and to email Breyer at. To date, I haven’t heard back from Breyer. I’m now hearing that Breyer is out of replacement Scottys, imagine that! I’m frustrated by Breyer’s lack of customer service. I’m also disappointed with Breyer’s lack of quality control. Breyer took the time to *bubblewrap* Scotty’s ears, I mean half ear… There’s no way they missed seeing his severely frostbitten ear!

I very much wanted this beautiful bay pinto Scotty for my personal collection. Color me disappointed ๐Ÿ™ I thinkย  it’s fairly safe to say that I won’t be receiving a replacement Scotty. Now I’m hoping that I can at least return him for a refund. This comes as a bit of a double whammy after receiving a flawed Breyer Rainier with a rather major seam split. The story with Rainier was similar, it took 10 days via UPS SurePost for Rainier to land in California and when he did, Breyer was out of replacements as the mane flaw was rather common (though not necessarily to the extent of the one that I received.)

On happier news, we have officially placed our deposit on our store front down town. We had the City Inspector out last week but the building failed inspection for some rather trivial reasons that are being worked on right now. We were able to find some used retail shelving on Craiglist and are headed down to Sacramento to pick them up this weekend. We saved a ton of money by being able to buy used. But even the used, shelving isn’t cheap and we still need to buy many more fixtures for the store, eek! We’re trying to get the floor and the walls of the store painted before we move the shelving in. This is being hindered by the building still storing a lot of the miscellaneous stuff from the people working on it. We are on a pretty tight time line so we may just have juggle the shelves around in order to paint. We are located in Crescent City, California. We hope to officially open the store the first week of July. We are the middle store in the picture below

Aidan's Toy Trove Storefront

As if we didn’t have our hands full with preparing the store, the Western States Horse Expo is just around the corner. We’re working on a new booth layout that is coming together but we still have some things that we need to purchase to finish it off. We also have 2 big freight shipments that will be arriving within the next few weeks along with a bunch of boxes of Copperfox Horses.

Western States Horse Expo 2017

2017 Western States Horse Expso Booth Layout


It’s looking like we won’t have the Breyer Spirit Riding Free Series in time for the Western States Horse Expo but we will have them in hand and ready to ship just a bit later in June.

Breyer Spirit Riding Free Series

After the Western States Horse Expo and while we are still working on getting our store front ready, we will also be busily getting ready for BreyerFest 2017!

BreyerFest 2017 Pickups

BreyerFest 2017 Pickups

Yikes so much to do! What model horse type things do you have on your agenda?






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