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We Are Now a Reeves Retailer & The Effect On Online Pricing

We Are Now a Reeves Retailer & The Effect On Online Pricing

Aidan's Toy Trove Storefront

We’ve been keeping this mostly underwraps until the store lease is signed but…. the first of the store paperwork is being signed and we are now an official Reeves Retailer. We will be opening a Brick and Mortar storefront in downtown Crescent City, California. We will be stocking Breyer Horses, Copperfox Horses and a variety of other toys. We will be a toy store with a large selection of model horses =D We are very excited to finally be moving our large inventory out of the house and into the store.  This will allow us to reclaim the space in our house for actual home use. What on earth will be do with all the new found space?! We will post more information on the store once we have more information. The renovations needed before we take possession are currently underway! The picture above is of the row of stores where we will be located. Can you guess which store is ours?

Being a Reeves Retailer means that we will be bound by the Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy set forth by Reeves. Some of our Breyers will be seeing a rise in price to comply with Reeves’ pricing terms. You won’t see a big change in price but a number of our Current Run Breyers are listed below what we will be able to offer them at in the future. If you’ve been on the fence about placing an order for them, now is the time. All pricing changes will be updated on or before July 1st 2017. Our retired and Special Run Breyer stock won’t be effected price wise.

Western States Horse Expo 2017

Here is a link to our New In Box Breyer Stock. Not all of it is current run regular runs, but this should give you a starting point on what horses will be effected price wise. We are placing an order with Reeves this week and our order with Copperfox has already been placed. We will be bringing the Breyer Horses and Copperfox Horses to the Western States Horse Expo with us. We are ordering in a quantity that should leave us with left over stock for our actual store 🙂

Thank you everyone. Have a wonderful week. I’m sure that the weekend will be here again before we know it 🙂

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  1. […] There are also Breyer Spirit Riding Free Painting Kits and Jewelry Boxes. We couldn’t be more excited about carrying this popular new lineup. We will be carrying all but a few of the painting kits and jewelry boxes which we can order on request. We expect that the Breyer Spirit Riding Free Series will ship from us in June. We will be opening up a few in the series for presales. If the timing comes out just right, we will have the Breyer Spirit Riding Free Series for sale at the Western States Horse Expo. Even if the horses aren’t here in time for the Horse Expo, we will have them for sale on our website and in our new storefront. […]

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