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Winding Up For Summer

Summer has always been a busy time of year.  I have attended BreyerFest since it first started as a regional event.  I have been fortunate enough to attend almost every single year.  This year is the 25th Anniversary of BreyerFest and looks like it will be a great event.   I have a lot of organizing and packing to do for the live show and it is only a month away, yikes!  Last weekend was a busy one.  We drove up to Eugene, Oregon to pick up a small collection of 50 NIB Breyers.  We then continued on up to Portland to pickup another collection.  We couldn’t fit all of the horses in the car and rented a UHaul to bring them all home.


I haven’t done an exact count on the number of horses but my rough estimate is approximately 450.  There aren’t any really rare Breyers in the lot but there are definitely some nice ones.  Guess what is coming soon to an Ebay near you? =D



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