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Shipping Changes To The Website & Real Horse Stuff :)

Firstly, we are having a Buy One and Get One 15% Off Sale everything in our eBay Store. This sale runs through Monday, October 3rd at 23:59PST.

Buy One and Get One 15% Off aleShipping Changes

We made some fairly drastic changes to shipping on the website. Free shipping has been replaced by shipping that is calculated based on your location. For those of you close to California, this will result in a drastic reduction of shipping cost. For those of you in a more central location, you will see a price reduction of a few dollars. For those of you on the East Coast, the cost of shipping will remain more or less the same.

International shipping to Canada has had a price reduction while all other foreign countries remain the same cost. We are still working on combined shipping as we would like to offer a price reduction when more than one model horse is purchased. We are still trying to figure out how this will be achieved as we are not using true calculated shipping but rather a flat rate based on your shipping zone. Although shipping now reads ‘Flat Rate’ at check out we will still be using USPS Priority Mail for domestic shipments that are not oversized. International shipping will be be USPS First Class Mail International.

For those of you that don’t know, the prices on our website are almost always cheaper than eBay as we do not have to pay a Final Value Fee to eBay (which can be as high as 10%, yikes!) If you see something for sale on eBay that isn’t on the website that you are interested in purchasing, please email us aidanstoytrove@gmail.com and we may be able to add it.

Please check out the Breyer Model Horses that we have for sale on the website at:


Breyer Dag Dia 711245

Out Of Stock Horses

We have a few out stock horses that are currently en route to us. They will not be available for purchase until they are in hand but this should be some time next week. They will show as in stock as soon as soon as they are available for purchase. This includes:

Breyer OT Sarah Moniet RSI 1720Breyer Cortes C 1759 Show JumperAvailable Next Week!

Breyer 1720 OT Sara Moniet RSI


Breyer 1759 Cortes C – Show Jumper





An Update On Baya’s New Home

Baya preparing for her new homeBaya settling in to her new homeFor those of you following Baya’s move, she is settling in well into her new home.  Here she is being groomed and polished by Aidan prior to her move. And here is a picture of her 2 weeks after her move checking out Aidan and wondering what he is doing ‘down there’. “Whatcha doin’ Aidan?” Peeking out in the background is Misa, Baya’s new pasture buddy.

Aidan's first horseback riding lesson

Aidan had his very first horseback riding lesson 2 weeks ago. He rode a saintly semi-pony named Ruby. We were hoping to have another riding lesson this weekend but the weather has been bad. Lots or rain and thunderstorms. We rescheduled for next weekend and are crossing our fingers that the weather is at least fair.











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