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Breyer 2017 Vintage Club News!

Breyer 2017 Vintage Club

Breyer posted some juicy news on next year’s vintage club. Current Vintage Club members will have until November 13, 2016 to renew before memberships will be open to the public. I assume that memberships will again be limited to 500. Here is what Breyer has to say about the 2017 lineup:

Our 2017 lineup features the beloved Clydesdale Mare and Foal set in glossy San Domingo pinto, complete with blankets! And what Vintage model says BREYER more than the Family Arabian Stallion? Our FAS release is a gambler’s choice of decorator colors and he’s lovely in all of them. Glossy Sham has a very modern sabino pinto deco with vintage gloss and a vintage style Arabian halter, and our Classics Quarter Horse Family members are dressed in intricate overo pinto patterns. And NEW this year, all models come in vintage handle carry case boxes!

Breyer 2017 Vintage Club

One of the most notable things is the new packaging “all models come in vintage handle carry case boxes!” How cool is that? The Clydesdale Mare and Clydesdale Foal will have blue blankets which resemble the vintage green blankets. The Gambler’s Choice model with be the Family Arabian Stallion released in a variety of decorator colors. The Glossy Sham with halter reminds me a lot of the Proud Arabian Mare sets that were released with colorful braided Native Arabian type halters. I confess to having a few of these Proud Arabian Mare and halter sets complete with handle carry boxes. The Classic Quarter Horse Family intrigues me. I am a big fan of the Classics molds that were sculpted by Maureen Love. I hope that the mold detail isn’t too soft on this set. I don’t have a current Vintage Club membership but I am contemplating a membership for 2017. How about you? Will you be joining the Breyer 2017 Vintage Club?




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    • Is it money to pay for the club and does it involve money and how do you get into the club because i would like to join as a new member thankyou

      • You commit to purchase all of the Vintage Club horses when you subscribe to the Club. Your deposit is credited equally for each horse. I can’t remember off hand how much the horses cost. I think around $100 shipped. You can find a link to all of Breyer’s Club’s oh their website breyerhorses.com

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