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Mid States & Tractor Supply Special Runs are In!

Hey everyone!  We are in full swing today with the new arrivals being here.  They all need the royal treatment—that means being brushed, groomed, petted, photographed—oh, and of course listed. That’s right—the 2016 Mid States Exclusive & Tractor Supply Special Runs are in!

First we have Chance – American Paint Horse.  He is the 2016 Mid States Exclusive Special Run.  Chance is a Red Dun Tobiano Pinto and he’s on the Zippo Pine Bar Mold sculpted by Sommer Prosser.  He’s just arrived and we are already down to just 1 left!  Don’t worry though, it looks like we have more on the way!  If you want to take a closer look, be sure and watch the YouTube video here.Breyer Chance 701735


Next we have Santana, the Bay Pinto Mustang.  Santana is a 2016 Tractor Supply Exclusive Special Run. He has very nice shading and is on the Silver Mold sculpted by Kathleen Moody.  He’s in stock and ready for a new home.  If you’d like to see him out of his box, check out the YouTube video here.Breyer Santana 301155


Finally, we have Garrett, the Bay Roan Quarter Horse.  Garret is also a Tractor Supply Exclusive Special Run. He’s on the Smart Chic O’lena Mold.  Garrett is here to represent AQHA.  If you want to see a close- up video of him in his box, you can watch it here.Breyer Garrett 301156


Ok, Thanks Everyone!  I’d like to invite you to keep on reading our posts and keep checking our website. We’re trying hard to post new content.  None of this would be possible without all of you!



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