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FedEx SmartPost – Color Me Frustrated!

Typically, we only ship USPS Priority Mail because I have had good luck with the quick transit time and we stock a lot of Priority boxes. This year, we decided to offer FedEx SmartPost on a few of the heavier items. I personally hate this service but it is a lot cheaper than Priority Mail so I offered it as a shipping option on:

Breyer Xavier 1771

Xavier Mystical Unicorn

Breyer Woodland Splendor 700119

Woodland Splendor 2016 Holiday Horse

Keep in mind, FedEx SmartPost is only offered in Aidan’s Toy Trove eBay Store as we can’t create FedEx SmartPost labels outside of eBay for website or private sales.

Over the weekend, we had a few of these particular items sell on eBay and I spent a good portion of the morning creating custom boxes for them (as we don’t stock these size boxes for non Priority Mail). FedEx SmartPost packages have to be dropped off at a FedEx location even though they are delivered by the Post Office. I loaded up the car and drove over to the only FedEx drop (which is a small little local mailing place) and guess what?! The mailing store is moving locations and is closed during their move. ARGH! The closest FedEx drop other than this particular store is 90 miles away. I might be able to pay for a FedEx Pickup but I’m not sure as the website says that the pickup option is for FedEx Ground and Express packages and it’s rather costly and is charged by the package. Oh the joys of living in the middle of nowhere!

Soooo…today, I will be stalking our small town’s ONE FedEx Ground driver. I’m crossing my fingers that I can catch him.  I almost never offer FedEx as an option and the one time that I do, this happens. What are the odds??

On the bright side, it’s a nice sunny day! I might just go walk around the neighborhood and catch some Pokemon and hope that I hear the rumble of the FedEx truck!


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