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Damaged Box Breyers For Sale At A Discount!

Breyer Dag Dia 711245

Hi everyone. I hope you are staying safe and dry! When I went to bed it was pouring rain and when I woke up, surprise, it was still raining ☔️ Hopefully we grabbed everything from the store yesterday so that we don’t have to get drenched today. This rarely happens though so if you can tell me what I forgot at the store, I would appreciate it 😅 Free Breyer horses to all that come help me build an ark 😉.

Despite purchasing new product, we will often receive some Breyers with damaged packaging. Those Breyer boxes are just so darn fragile 😒 The horses themselves typically aren’t damaged but as the packaging isn’t always pretty. We offer damaged box Breyers at a slight discount. This is perfect for those of you that don’t collect the boxes.

Today we have a damaged box Breyer NIB 711245 Dag Dia. The left side flap has some tears and compression marks. I noted a small shiny mark on the right side of the Dag Dia’s barrel. This will likely buff out with just a bit of elbow grease and a soft cloth. The damaged box Dag Dia is listed on eBay but I can offer him at a bigger discount here. The photograph is not of the exact horse that you will receive. The damaged box Dag Dia is priced at $112 plus postage.

We also have a damaged box:


Breyer Marwari 1495NIB Breyer 701725 Miigwan SOLD

NIB 1495 Marwari that can be purchased privately for $35.95

NIB 1757 American Pharoah. This one isn’t listed yet. He isn’t damaged but his base popped out of the plastic brackets and I would like to open the box and remove or resecure the base prior to shipping. American Pharoah ships at 3 pounds but if you would like me to remove him from the box I can ship him at 2 pounds. He must be purchased before I will remove him from the box. He can be purchased privately for $43.95 plus postage.

NIB Breyer 710727 Mid States Brabant that can be purchased privately for $44.95

Breyer American Pharoah 1757

We also have all of these models except for the Brabant in stock and for sale on the website in undamaged condition:





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