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Breyer Model Horse NIB 701725 Miigwan Dream Catcher Mid States SR Indian Pony


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Breyer # 701725 Miigwan Dream Catcher

Mold :  Indian Pony

Scale :  Traditional 1:9

Color :  Appaloosa

Year :  2013 Mid States Distributing Special Run

Condition :  NIB

For sale is a Traditional Scale NIB Breyer #701725 Miigwan Dream Catcher.  She is the popular Indian Pony mold in a pretty blanket appaloosa with feathers in her mane.  Miigwan was a 2013 Mid States Distributing Special Run.  The box may show some wear.  Please note that I have multiples of Miigwan and you may not receive the exact model pictured.  You will receive a brand new, factory sealed in box, Breyer #701725 Miigwan Dream Catcher.

A dream catcher is a beautiful work of art seen in Native American cultures. The dream catcher has a circular design based on a willow hoop, and features a woven center that resembles a spider’s web. From this hoop hang personal decorations, which often include feathers and beads. it is said that the dream catcher works by filtering the dreams of the sleeping person it’s hung near. The good dreams can pass through, and travel down the feathers to the slumbering individual. The bad dreams get caught in the “web” of the hoop, and are banished by the light of the next morning.

Like the dream catcher, the Appaloosa horse is a beautiful work of art that can trace its history back to the Native American cultures; specifically to the 18th century when the Nez Perce Indians developed the breed from horses that had been brought to America by Spanish explorers. The breed was originally called the Palouse horse after the Palouse river that ran through Nez Perce territory, but the name evolved over time into Appaloosa. Prized for their uniquely spotted coats, their versatility and hardiness established them as the fine horses we know today! This lovely Appaloosa is named Miigwan, which means “feather” in Ojibwe, which is the language of the tribe where the dream catcher originated.

With feathers adorning her mane, every ride on this beautiful grey mare is sure to be a good one!

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