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BreyerWest 2017 – In Person Pickups

BreyerWest 2017 – In Person Pickups

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We will be bringing all our new Breyer stock including the 2017 Breyer Lineup and Corral Pals and many of our BreyerFest Special Runs. We will have a large selection of retired horses both New In Box and out of box. We will have Web Special Runs and other event Special Runs. We will also have another super special brand of model horses on display and available for purchase!

We will be closing our eBay store on Monday evening. We have many unique Breyer and other model horses listed there that we are NOT planning on bringing to BreyerWest. These include ALL of the single quantity listings (including NIB retired stock.) This is because we already have the eBay horses packaged and stored in our rather complex inventory system.

We are offering in person pickups for any of our single quantity listings in our eBay Store that are located here in California. We also have a separate New Jersey location. Horses from New Jersey cannot be brought to BreyerWest. You can find the Item Location towards the top of the eBay listing.

If you would like us to bring something from our eBay store (California location only!) please email us at aidanstoytrove@gmail.com We will send you a Paypal Invoice which will be at a DISCOUNTED price from eBay’s price. The horse must be paid for in full by end of day on Wednesday March 22nd or we will not pack it to bring to BreyerWest. This will save on shipping and we will give you a better than eBay price. Your horse(s) can be picked up on Friday, Saturday or Sunday at our BreyerWest Booth.

Here is a link to my last blog post which gives a bit more information about us at BreyerWest 2017! We look forward to meeting all of theΒ  BreyerWest attendees πŸ™‚

BreyerWest Here We Come


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