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Liberty A Spring 2017 Limited Edition!

Liberty A Spring 2017 Limited Edition!

Breyer 1780 Liberty

Meet Liberty, a Spring 2017 Limited Edition of 3,000. Liberty is the popular Silver mold in a decorator with a denim theme. Like Bandera Symbols of the West, Liberty has a western theme.

Breyer Bandera 1769

Here is what Breyer has to say about Liberty:

Everyone knows that any American cowboy (or cowgirl) worth their salt owns their fair share of jeans- both for riding and for evenings off the ranch boot scootin’! While their cuts and patterns may differ, denim has solidified itself as a wardrobe staple not just for the cowboys of the west, but for all Americans.

Another symbol of the American west, and of freedom-itself, is the mustang. Running wild, the mustang is an enduring symbol of freedom. In a way that only Breyer can, this exciting decorator model combines these two beloved icons in a stunning tribute to Americano! Aptly named Liberty, this rearing mustang stallion’s faded blue coat is adorned with a denim crosshatch pattern, complete with scrollwork inspired by the fancy stitching seen on western jeans!”


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