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Breyer 2016 Collector’s Club Grab Bags Content SPOILER – Promotional Offer


Breyer 2016 Collector's Club Grab Bags

Breyer sure is pushing their 2016 Collector’s Club Grab Bags! They have opened the availability of the Grab Bags to everyone and are now offering them with free shipping. Breyer is offering 3 different Grab Bags. They are priced at $135 and Breyer says that each contains an estimated retail value of at least $219.

While noone can guarantee what is inside each Grab Bag, collectors have a pretty good idea thanks to others posting their Grab Bag contents. This information is fairly readily available on the internet but as many have asked, I will post the known contents of the Grab Bags here. Again, there is no guarantee that you will get what is listed but here are the contents that have been seen thus far:


Grab Bag 1
BreyerFest Celebration (Silver Filigree Sherman Morgan)

1734 Deer Family

9169 Best of British Highland Pony

Zodiac Libra

Eve & Claus (Web SR Christmas Mare & Foal)

2014 WEG Exclusive LE 500 Classic Black Warmblood Mare

Grab Bag 2
1718 Harley D Zip

1758 Cherry Creek Fonzie Merit

Julian and Sophia (Web SR CAS + CAF)

BreyerFest Buckaroo (Pinto Haflinger)

2062 Shipping Set Zodiac Taurus

Grab Bag 3

10330 Rising Sun & Bear Elvis Ornaments

2052 Parade Saddle set

2065 Liverpool jump

Zodiac Classic (can’t remember which)

BreyerFest Mancha and Gato

1730 AQHA 75th Anniversary Quarter Horse – Blue Roan

1732 Cow and calf

Breyer 2016 Collector’s Club Grab Bags







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