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Back From BreyerFest! Sort Of…

Hi guys. Just a quick note to say that I am back from Kentucky! I had a flight cancellation and ended up spending the night in the airport BreyerFest Auction Lot 16 Mysterywaiting for the next flight out. I arrived home later than anticipated and slept the day away yesterday. Today I’ll be working on listing BreyerFest inventory. I don’t have an exact count as the BreyerFest horses are being driven back by car and won’t be here in California until Saturday. There are several Samba Surprise horses that haven’t even been opened yet. We have Dag Dia and Diablo DC available for $135 plus shipping. We also have the Copacabana, The Girl from Ipanema, Auriverde and all of the single day Stablemates (sets and individuals). We have extras of all of the BreyerFest Tent Special Runs. I know we are very low on Namid and the Zebu so I have not added them back to stock until I have an exact count.

Breyer 1768 BrunelloAlso the Mid Year releases are all here minus Poltergeist who was damaged when he arrived at my distributor. I’m working on getting the Mid Year Releases listed as well.  The eBay store is open for business and I’m working to get all of the relists relisted that expired during BreyerFest. All of the BreyerFest preorders shipped on Monday save 2 and those people have been contacted. If you did not receive a tracking number, please message me and I will look it up. The website requires them to be uploaded manually and it seems I missed uploading a few of them.

I best get to packing and shipping today’s orders out. Thanks everyone!

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