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A Storage Locker Treasure Trove

Last year, an individual in Arizona purchased a storage locker full of Breyer horses.  They listed them on Ebay and collectors were shocked to find a treasure trove of rare tests, samples and miscellaneous oddities.  I followed the auctions and watched one after another rise out of my price range until I was finally able to snag a beautiful Breyer Bay Fighting Stallion with black points.  When I received him, examined him closely and bathed him in Lestoil to see if the black points would come off.  They did not.  As far as I could see, this fellow was the real deal.  Sadly, this horse has since been sold but I still remember the excitement of seeing those unique Breyers pop up on Ebay.  From what I can remember there was a test color buckskin Man O’ War, a glossy bay Jumping Horse, multiple bay Fighting Stallions with black points (with and without white socks), multiple sorrel Fighting Stallions, grey deer, test color pigs and other assorted wildlife.  I have acquired some Breyer animals from this collection and they are now listed on Ebay.  From what I can see, the Holstein Cow and the Small Walking Hereford Bull do not differ from their regular releases.  However, I am not overly familiar with these Breyers in particular and it is possible that I have missed some differences and it is quite possible that they are samples or oddities of some sort.  The deer are special.  The Doe appears fairly run of the mill but the fawn has no spots.  She is a definite variation, sample or test of some sort.  You can click on the pictures to view their auctions and see more pictures 🙂






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