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2017 Breyer Order Status Update

2017 Breyer Order Status Update

2017 Breyers Shipping By Feb. 13th

First and foremost, thank you to everyone that has secured a 2017 Breyer presale through us! We appreciate your support more than words could ever express. We just discovered that the Breyer 1769 Bandera Symbols of the West Ranch Horse was not included in our initial order as we had thought. We are offering customers with an existing order for Bandera the option keep your existing order or to cancel Bandera. If you choose to wait for Bandera, the rest of your order will be held for shipment until he is in stock. We will happily reserve a Bandera if you choose to cancel and you will have the first option to purchase him when he is in stock. We do not have a firm ship date on Bandera but we believe that it will be sometime in March.

Breyer Freight Shipment

We have been tracking our Breyer Freight shipment and it has an ETA of Friday, February 10th. It is 3 pallets of Breyer Horses weighing almost 750 pounds, yikes! Our last Breyer order arrived a day early but you never can tell with freight! We are still on track for shipping all of our 2017 Breyer orders out on Monday, February 13th!!

Breyer Corral Pals

We do have a rather large herd of Breyer Corral Pals that our coming with our initial order. If there is one in particular that you are looking for, please email us at aidanstoytrove@gmail.com. We can tell you if we will be receiving that particular Corral Pal or Corral Pals with our initial order. If we won’t be receiving it, we can add it to our next order.

As mentioned in passing before, we will be vending at BreyerWest 2017 and will be bringing all of the 2017 Breyers that we have in stock 🙂 I will be making another blog post about BreyerWest. Please stop by our booth and say hi if you will be attending!

You can say my original blog post on the 2017 Breyers here:


Thank you everyone! Happy ALMOST Friday 🙂


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  1. Just want to make sure that my phone order on 11/22/17 has been processed because I never received an acknowledgment as such, as I did on my recent order earlier in November. which I have received.
    The order I’m concerned about is for “Paint Me A Pepto” and “Cobra”, which I was told the Order Number is 100243274.
    Thank you for checking on this.

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