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Aidan’s Toy Trove New Mail Call Video Series!

Aidan’s Toy Trove New Mail Call Video Series

Aidan's Toy Trove Mail Call Video


Aidan’s Toy Trove purchases entire Breyer Collections. Typically, we prefer to purchase horses in bulk lots anywhere in 50 to 2,500 horses in size. We mostly deal in Breyer Horses that are Traditional in size but will also purchase Classics, LittleBits and Stablemates if they come in a group with the full size horses. We will also purchase the occasional lot of Peter Stones, customs or even Artist Resins. On any given day, we have 2 – 10 packages shipping out and usually 1 or 2 packages coming in. We thought it would be fun to share the model horses that we receive in the mail.

Welcome to the Aidan’s Toy Trove Mail Call Series! Here you can watch us unbox packages as they arrive in the mail. Some of these are sales horses and some of these are horses for my personal collection. Watch to see what we unbox next! It could be Breyer: BreyerFest or other event Special Run, it might be a store exclusive special run, a vintage model, a decorator or a one of a kind custom horse.

Typically, we list sales horses straight to eBay. If you see something that you would be interested in purchasing, I strongly suggest checking our eBay store to see if it is for sale:

If you have a model horse collection to sell, please feel free to contact us by email aidanstoytrove@gmail.com

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