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2017 Breyer Horses Available For Presale!

2017 Breyer Horses Available For Presale

2017 Breyer Presales

Breyer announced their new line-up of 2017 Breyer Horses a few weeks ago. I placed our Breyer order promptly but I wanted to have an estimated time of arrival on our new Breyer stock before accepting any presales. We were told that our first shipment of 2017 Breyers should arrive in late February. From past experience, I find the first or second week of March to be more likely. We will begin shipping presales the very next business day after they arrive.

I went ahead and listed a some of the more popular models to the website store. I mainly want to get a feel for what everyone wants so that I can plan our next order which will be placed within the next few months. This will allow those who already know which horses they want to secure their order now and at the same time give us a better feel for which items to order more of. I anticipate that our first batch of 2017 Breyers will sell quickly. As we have limited space, we can’t order and store a large quantity of horses.

You can find all of our 2017 Breyer Horses here.

Here are some of the 2017 Breyers that I believe will be the most popular. Which models are you looking for and which do you think will be the hot sellers?

Breyer Bandera 1769








Bandera Ranch Horse 1769

Breyer Fantasia Del C and Gozosa 1777








Fantasia Del C and Gozosa 1777

Breyer Hwin 1774








Hwin 1774

Breyer Paint Me a Pepto 1776








Paint Me a Pepto 1776


I added a few of the new Classics to the website store as well. Breyer looks to have a great selection this year but historically, we haven’t sold a large quantity of these smaller scale horses. Our first order only contained a small sampling of Classics. If there is one that you are looking for that we do not have listed, please let us know and I can add some to our next order. The 2017 Breyer Classics that I’m looking most forward to are:

Breyer Forthwind 62051








Forthwind 62051

Breyer Starry Night 62050








Starry Night 62050

We also have a large number of the new Breyer Corral Pals coming in with (hopefully) this first order. Please let us know if there are specific ones you are looking for. We didn’t order all of the Corral Pal horses but we did order most and can order additional Corral Pals with our next order.

Breyer Corral Pals Formerly Collecta Horses – What’s Going On?

Please note, we are still having some problems with shipping on the website. If you are receiving a shipping quote of $27 for a single Breyer Horse within the US, this is likely incorrect. Please contact us with your zip code so that we can remedy the problem. We will automatically partially refund any over payment due to this shipping glitch.

Please check out the new line up and let us know what you think.  As always thank you for supporting Aidan’s Toy Trove.













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