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Why The Silence?

Bayacosta GABayacosta GAHi guys. I apologize for the radio silence. The family is finally all back from BreyerFest after what can only be described as a rather grueling BreyerFest and return trip. There has been a lot going on here and not all is model related. I know a lot of you have real horses. I have a wonderful Andalusian mare named Baya. I have not been able to ride with any frequency in years. She is a very sensitive horse and is becomes depressed when she isn’t being lavished with attention. She thrives on human contact and thoroughly loves having a job. I put out a single halfhearted ad offering her out on free lease as either a riding horse or as a broodmare. I received one response from what sounds like the perfect lessee who would like to use her as both a riding horse and as Baya's FarmBaya's Farma broodmare to breed to a Friesian stud for a Warlander foal. I have already been down to visit the facility where she will be kept and the gal’s personal references gave glowing green reviews. I am pouring over lease contracts now and trying to make sure that they are as airtight as can be. Once the contracts are finalized and the horse insurance is in place, Baya will be headed 90 minutes south to her new temporary home near Eureka, California. This is sort of bittersweet to me but I do feel it is the best option for my mare.

Breyer Furano 711243

On a model horse related note, we have most of the BreyerFest 2016 Exclusive Special Run Models for sale but I have been slow to list them. We have one of all of the glossy Samba Surprise horses available except for the palomino. We have most of the Mercado Store Specials as well as the Single Day Stablemates. If there is one in particular that you are looking for, please feel free to inquire. The Breyer 2016 Mid Year releases arrived. Sadly, Poltergeist was damaged en route to our distributor and it looks as though we may not be receiving any Halloween horses this year. Bummer!

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