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Welcome Home Zalika!

Some of you may recognize this model as one of the past NAMHSA auction lots. I purchased Zalika in person at NAN 2010 Auction. She is the Proud Arabian Mare mold with a bit of a new twist. Zalika was resculpted and finished by the talented Maggie Bennett. I personally adore the Proud Arabian Mare mold and I appreciate how Maggie was able to keep so much of the Proud Arabian Mare’s unmistakable gentle nature. I am a big fan of Maggie’s work and own 2 other horses customized by her. In recent years, Maggie has produced a number of jaw dropping resins and some amazing pewter micro minis. You can check out her website, Maggie Bennett Sculpture. Prepare to drool!

When money was tight a number of years ago, I made the hard decision to sell Zalika. She sold overseas and I honestly never thought I would never see her again. Recently, Zalika popped back up for sale here in the states. I was thrilled to be able to bring her home. Welcome home Zalika!
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  1. I was the other bidder !!! Can’t tell you how disappointed
    I was to have to drop out ! But I was told you had owned
    Zalika previously so I was happy for you .

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