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Early Access To Preorder Gold Valegro To Collector’s Club Members!

Breyer1783 Gold Valegro

Breyer 1783 Gold ValegroBreyer 1783 Gold ValegroBreyer is offering early access to preorder the #1783 Gold Valegro to Collector’s Club members. Way to go Breyer! The Gold Valegro’s price is $59.99 plus $14.50 for domestic shipping / handling. If you want to be sure to get your hands on a Gold Valegro, now is your chance! He is limited to 3,000 pieces. Breyer’s preorder offer ends 9/21/16, while supplies last. Here is what Breyer’s email says:



The Greatest Dressage Horse in History!
2012 and 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist

Limited Edition!
In honor of Valegro’s outstanding achievement at the 2016 Rio Games, Breyer is introducing a very special edition gold Valegro!

Valegro once again proved that he is the best in the world by winning individual gold and team silver for Britain at the 2016 Olympics in the sport of dressage. At age 15, this uber-talented Dutch Warmblood gelding has won it all!

And for a very limited time, Collector Club members in good standing have the opportunity to pre-order a Gold Valegro, while supplies last.

Click here to Pre-Order Yours Now!

Make sure you are logged into your Collector Club account to
access gold Valegro.

Pre-Order offer ends at 11:59pm EDT on 9/21/16, while supplies last! If any remaining models are available after that time, they will be offered for pre-order to the general public.

Limit 1 per valid Collector Club member, while supplies last. Offer may no longer be available when you visit the website.

Breyer Fall 2016 Releases – Glorioso & Xavier & Gold Valegro


We Will Be Receiving Breyer Fall Release Xavier and the Gold Valegro

I heard back from our distributor today. We will be receiving the Breyer 1757 Xavier, the Mystical Unicorn on the Wintersong mold. We should also be receiving a very limited quantity of the 1783 Gold Valegro. As expected, we will not be receiving any of the Breyer 1767 Glorioso on the Kathleen Moody Andalusian mold. We are not taking preorders at this time.

Breyer Fall 2016 Releases – Glorioso & Xavier & Gold Valegro

Breyer Fall 2016 Releases – Glorioso & Xavier & Gold Valegro

We received the Breyer Mid Year Releases while we were away at BreyerFest. I feel like I am finally recovering from BreyerFest and here come the Breyer Fall 2016 Releases!

Breyer 1767 GloriosoBreyer 1771 Xavier1767 Glorioso is on the Andalusian Stallion mold sculpted by Kathleen Moody in grulla. Goodness is he handsome! Glorioso is limited to 2,500 pieces and his expected ship date from Breyer is in September. He will be available exclusively at Brick n Mortar Stores and Breyer has specified that he is not to be sold online. As such, I do not think that we will be able to acquire any Gloriosos. However, I will be looking to add one to my personal collection!

1771 Xavier is on the Wintersong mold and has been modified to a Mystical Unicorn. He is a pearly white color with lavendar shading. His run will be limited but I do not know the exact run size. Xavier will ship from Breyer in October.


Breyer 1783 Gold Valegro

I am perhaps the most excited about the 1783 Gold Valegro. The real Valegro won a Gold Medal at theBreyer 1756 Valegro 2012 Olympics and a Gold and Silver Medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics. In honor of Valegro’s outstanding achievement, Breyer is making a limited edition gold Valegro. He will be limited to 3,000 pieces worldwide. The Gold Valegro will ship from Breyer in December.

We do have a number of Breyer NIB 1756 Valegros in stock. Valegro is one of the greatest horses in dressage history. His price is postage paid and we will ship Internationally for $15 additional.



At this time, I do not know if we will be receiving either the 1771 Xavier or 1783 Gold Valegro. I have messaged our distributor to see if any of the Fall Releases will be available to us. I do not think that we will be receiving any of the 1767 Glorioso. We are not taking preorders on any of the Fall Releases at this time.













Breyer Shannondell Premier Club Shire Is Ready To Order!

Breyer Premier Club Shannondell

Breyer Shannondell 90183

The long awaited Breyer 2016 Premier Club model Shannondell is ready to order! I chose the free flowing mane and tail. I wish I could have chosen both versions! Shannondell is a brand new Shire sculpt by the talented Karen Gerhardt of Westerly Design. Shannondell is priced at $175 plus $17.50 domestic shipping (ouch)! Here is what Breyer has to say about Shannondell:

Breyer Shannondell 90183Breyer Shannondell 90183The Second Release in the 2016 Premier Collection

Your Shannondell model with free flowing mane and tail is in stock and ready to ship!*

The second release in the 2016 Premier Collection is Shannondell, a stunning dappled bay Shire. This impressive English draught breed typically stands over 17 hands tall and weighs over 2,000 pounds and is known for its tremendous strength and good nature. Often black, bay or grey in color, the Shire has plenty of feathering and is a striking sight. Shannondell was both sculpted and decorated by the talented hands of artist Karen Gerhardt. Karen’s mastery of the equine form is evident in the work she creates in both resin and ceramic. Her horses feature kind expressions paired with exquisite finish work and shading. Breyer fans will know her for her beautiful sculpture of the Cleveland Bay. Karen has captured Shannondell in action, moving forward with fluidity and obvious strength.

This Shire gelding is not only impressive in his stature, but in his appearance as well! His golden bay coat is accented by a lovely blaze, high white markings on his legs, and belly spots. His coat features delicate mapping, and his lifelike expression is enhanced by his detailed tri‐eyes. Shannondell is ready to enter the show arena, or to be hitched up to a parade wagon. Each Shannondell in the Breyer Premier collection is a hand‐painted work of art, and no two are exactly alike!

Here is a link to my original Shannondell blog post:

Breyer Premier Club Shannondell Revealed – Which Will You Choose?

Breyer Honeysuckle Is the 4th In the Berries Ponies Series

Breyer Honeysuckle 712177

Breyer Honeysuckle 712177Breyer Honeysuckle 712177Breyer announced the Fourth Release in the Berries Ponies Series! Her name is Honeysuckle and she is the Icelandic Pony mold that was sculpted by Kathleen Moody. I’m not sure what to call her color but it looks a bit like a roan palomino. Honeysuckle is limited to 350 pieces and is available by lottery to Collector’s Club members. Members may enter the lottery once a day starting today July 7th with the final entry day being July 11’th at 11:59EDT. If your name is chosen, the price is $150 plus shipping and handling. Breyer has this to say about Breyer Honeysuckle 712177Breyer Honeysuckle 712177Honeysuckle:

The Fourth Release in the Berries Ponies Series

The fragrant and sweet tasting Honeysuckle was the inspiration for the fourth horse in our Berries Ponies Series. With her soft warm roan coat and swirling mane and tail, Honeysuckle embodies the delicate flowers and berries of her namesake plant. She is sure to be a sweet treat to any collection.




Breyer 712174 BrambleBreyer Juniper 712176I do have a couple of Berries Ponies for sale:

I have a Brambles for sale for $268.48ppd including free domestic postage.

I also have a Juniper for sale for $232.75 including free domestic postage. I have not had a chance to make Juniper’s listing yet but please email me if you are interested in purchasing






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