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Last Shipment Before Thanksgiving & Leah’s Fancy Chick


Hi guys! I’m feeling a bit more relaxed now that I finally finished packing all of the orders shipping out today.


Hubby and Aidan are in Las Vegas so it’s just little old me running the store. Should I be afraid that the boys are alone in Las Vegas?? They went shooting in Indian Springs and hubby is threatening to buy another gun, LOL.


Today I listed a lovely Leah’s Fancy Chick to eBay as a Fixed Price Listing with Best Offer enabled. She was the 2000 BreyerFest Celebration Horse and is still one of my favorite Celebrations Horses to date. But I do have a soft spot of Lady Phase!

Direct link to Leah’s Fancy Chick’s listing on eBay.

We do plan on offering some Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday Specials. The thought of everything that needs to be done still is a bit daunting. But be on a look out for specials both on eBay and on Aidan’s Toy Trove Website Store!

I have a question for you all. The website has been painfully slow from my end. But the internet here in general has also been slow and I fear that my laptop is on its last leg. Are you experiencing excessive load times for our website? I think it may have something to do with the cache plugin that I had to turn off as it crashed the webite, yikes! Thank you in advance for any feedback!





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