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Sierra Rose a BreyerFest 2018 Special Run

Sierra Rose a BreyerFest 2018 Special Run

Breyer Sierra Rose BreyerFest 2018

I have been woefully behind on keeping up with blog posts, Instagram posts and everything social media. Sorry guys! I wanted to share the BreyerFest 2018 Sierra Rose Special Run. She is the Breyer Proud Arabian Mare in a lovely dapple rose grey. I personally am a huge fan of the PAM mold and I couldn’t be more pleased with this special run offering. This is the first large run size that has been done on the Proud Arabian Mare mold in many years!

Breyer Sierra Rose BreyerFest 2018Breyer Sierra Rose BreyerFest 2018

Sierra Rose was on display at BreyerWest 2018. In person, her dapples aren’t what I would classify as fishscale. Her coloring was soft and lovely. Sierra Rose is on my must have list! Here is a picture of her that I took at the Breyer booth.

Breyer Sierra Rose BreyerFest 2018

Here is what Breyer has to say about Sierra Rose:

Sierra Rose is on our fan favorite Proud Arabian Mare mold (#215) which was sculpted by Maureen Love. Sierra Rose is a softly dappled rose grey and is as lovely as can be.

Sierra Rose was named for the picturesque Sierra Nevada Mountains, where the Tevis Cup is held annually. The Tevis Cup is a 100-mile long endurance ride that lasts a full 24 hours and has been taking place annually since 1955. The riders in this competition traverse the Sierra Nevada Mountains in their quest to win this legendary endurance competition. Sierra Rose’s beautiful rose grey coloring reminded us of the stunning sunsets in Sierra Nevadas.

Be sure to checkout the official BreyerFest Blog for the latest information!

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  1. Can you show us the other horses at breuerwest

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