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Happy Unicorn Day!

Happy Unicorn Day!

Happy Unicorn Day

I rolled out of bed this morning and was delighted to find that today is the official National Unicorn Day. Happy Unicorn Day all! We have a variety of Unicorns available, consider giving one a new home! Aidan’s Toy Trove Retail Store has lots of fun Unicorn “Stuff”. We of course have a number of Breyer Unicorns including a paint kit where kids can paint their very own haired unicorn. As luck would have it, we are currently out of stock of Magical Unicorn Poop (yes, really!) but we still have lots to choose from! Mention Unicorn Day and take 10% off everything unicorn! This applies to our retail location and to our Website Store (the discount will be credited back to you) and is good for today April 9th – April 10th.

  • Grow A Unicorn
  • Unicorn Lamp
  • Unicorn Poppers
  • Unicorn Erasers
  • Unicorn Keychains
  • Unicorn Finger Puppets

Breyer wise, we have the 4211 My Dream Horse Paint a Unicorn Kit (this item is available to ship but has not been listed to the website yet.)

Breyer Zena Unicorn 1790

Breyer Zena Unicorn Mare 1790 – $49.50

Breyer Forthwind Unicorn 62051

Breyer Forthwind 62051 – $19.99

Breyer Xavier 1771

Breyer Xavier 1771 – $44.99

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