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Have You Seen Breyer’s Christmas Crystal and Crispin?

Breyer Crystal and Crispin 712184

Breyer Crystal and Crispin 712184Breyer Crystal and Crispin 712184Breyer again is spoiling us with a website exclusive SR Holiday horse set. This year it is Crystal and Crispin! They are the Grazing Mare mold in a lovely light wintry dapple grey and the Grazing foal in a darker grey. Breyer’s description says that the foal has dapples but I don’t see any in the stock photos. Crystal and Crispin come with matching blue snowflake blankets. They are priced at $75.00 plus $14.50 for domestic ground shipping.

I am very tempted to purchase this set. How about you? Will you be caving and purchasing??

Breyer Crystal and Crispin 712184Breyer Crystal and Crispin 712184

Breyer 2016 Holiday Website Exclusive

Crystal and Cripsin are available for purchase directly on Breyer’s website.

Breyer has this to say about

712184 Crystal and Crispin:

A 2016 Bre yerHorses.com Exclusive Holiday Mare and Foal Set!

Gift Set Includes Blankets!

With their rich dapple grey coats Crystal and her foal Crispin are sure to bring holiday cheer to all.

Wrapped in lovely snowflake blankets, this beautiful mare and her newborn foal are truly a special gift!
1/9 scale and comes in a mail order box.

To date, Breyer has only offered 2 other Christmas Website Exclusive Christmas Special Run sets.

Breyer Eve and Clause 712165Breyer Vixen and Blitzen 7111998The 2016 Set was Eve and Claus (left)

The 2015 Set was Vixen and Blitzen (right)

Like Crystal and Crispin, both sets came with special holiday blankets. The quality on the blankets was exceptionally nice with realistic fasteners for the straps. I think my favorite part of these 2 sets was the blankets :p

I do have an extra set of Eve and Claus that I need to list for sale.

Please email aidanstoytrove@gmail.com if you are interested in purchasing. I’m happy to give a discount if I don’t have to take pictures and make a new listing!







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